Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chewy The Bulldog

For Christmas my husband bought a six month old, English Bulldog. He is the cutest ugly dog you've ever seen. (See photo. Am I right?) Now, when you go to name a dog, you either go with a name that fits, or something a little ironic, right? For instance, we had a teeny, tiny little yorkie mix that we named "Duke". Whenever I hear that name, it reminds me of the cartoon "Marmaduke", you know the big huge Great Dane. Well, my husband and the kids and I debated over names for this bulldog. We all wanted one that fit. The original breeder had named him Scooterbug. What!?!?!? You have got to be kidding! I wanted Bubba or some name like that. Well, Chewy stuck. My husband says if we are Hispanic, we need a dog with a Hispanic name. But, truth be told, it really is short for Chewbacca, that "thing" from Star Wars.

Now that we've had him for a while, I have come up with a few other names, that I think might have been more appropriate. How about Stinky, or maybe Smelly, or Snort, Snore, or Fartboy! Although I have never loved a dog more, let me tell you, he can clear a room in 5 seconds or less! And, mind you, this is not an occasional problem, it is a regular and reoccurring nightmare! I believe that whoever can come up with the technology that will allow us to have "smell-o-vision" will be the wealthiest man in the world. Then, maybe, you would understand. Words cannot express the pungency of this dog's bowel odor. Let's just say that sometimes I think my hair will melt. I plug my nose, but then I'm afraid to breathe through my mouth, for fear of tasting it.

But, how does Chewy, relate to knitting? He doesn't, really, except that he spends every waking hour of his life following me around. He even sleeps (snores) at my feet while I am on the computer, or knitting in my favorite chair. Did I tell you he even has flatulence in his sleep? Oh, yes, one more thing ... he LOVES my yarn. I catch him with it in his mouth all the time. If I step away and leave my project on the chair, I will come back and he will have it in his mouth, "gumming" it to death. Do you know what it's like to knit a project with wet, and sometimes slimy, yarn? Uggggghhh!!! Well, lucky for him, he's cute. So I guess I'll keep him.


Laurie said...

Okay I was eating while reading about Chewy and the food almost came out my nose. You are right, "he is the cutest ugly dog".

Barbara said...

experiment with his food. he may be allergic to chicken or something he's eating.

we went through the same thing, and it was chicken in the dried food.

good luck!