Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Knitting with Tom Brady

"Excuse me? Did I hear you right?" you are saying. And, my dear readers, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" I was knitting with Tom Brady - THE Tom Brady. You know, that dashingly handsome man on the football field and magazine covers. But, how is this possible? Not only did it happen, but, may I add that I was knitting, too! Do I have you salivating for the details? Well ... let me tell you ...

In October I took a trip to California with my four children. We stayed in a cute little house in Venice Beach. Tom had just had the surgery for his knee (for all you football fans, you remember he got hurt the first game of the season and the injury took him out for the rest of the season). Anyhoo, my husband is his ... umm ... well, for lack of a better word ... therapist. He was working with Tom and the surgeon on his rehab. So, I went along with my husband to the house where he was recovering, and climbed up on the bed to look at some architectural renderings on the house he's building. At the time I was knitting that sweater you see on the "Projects" post, below, and I was showing it to him. He had my husband pull a hat out of his closet, to show me his favorite one. I told him I would knit him a hat for next winter. It will be something out of cashmere & wool with a strand of mohair to go with it. SOFT!!!

So before we left, I had to help my husband position pillows, prop up Tommy's knee and tuck him in for the night. And that, my dear and faithful readers, is how I ended up knitting with Tom Brady.

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