Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Well, my husband's vest is almost finished. I really hope he likes it. Honestly what's on my mind today is Spring Fever. It has been so beautiful and warm here the last couple of days. I am looking out of my office window and the snow on the mountains is almost melted, which from my California mind is a blessing, because last winter was soooo long and soooo snowy, that I was ready to hightail it right back to the beach! Last year, I think it was sometime after Mother's Day, thinking, "I am still so cold! Why am I still cold?" I would soak in a hot tub just to warm up my bones. This thinking process even lead my wandering mind back to a series of books I first discovered about 15 years ago by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander). The main characters were in damp, cold France I think it was, and got into these hot mineral baths so they could finally get warm. The way she described the cold right in the midst of her bones, was so compelling, and I supposed that's why it has always stuck with me, not to mention the fact that Jaime is soooo hot in my mind's eye. I know all of my girlfriends will agree with that one. If you haven't read them, they are historical fiction, but oh so addictive.

I have given up pleasure reading for the most part, because whenever I get into a book, the world fades to black and until I have finished it, I can get nothing done and no one can talk to me, because I truly transport to another world. Very unheathy I must say if you have children. Knitting is so much better because you can converse, keep food out of your mouth (mustn't muss up the yarn, you know) watch the television, put down the project, do what you need to do, and pick it right back up again!

And speaking of keeping food out of your mouth, at my Friday afternoon knitting group, someone brought .... Girl Scout Cookies!! Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Is anyone capable of keeping their hands off of them? And what's with the new Daisy Go Rounds? They are reduced calorie, which is supposed to make you feel better for stuffing the whole box into your mouth? Right! Well, sadly today is filled with laundry, vacuuming, ironing and running up and down the stairs, so (sigh) I won't be getting my daily yarn fix. Maybe if I work really hard and quickly, I can get to it. Let's hope for miracles, ladies.....

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SARAH said...

I should make knitting my new hobby and give up my obsession with reading. It's just so darn hard to give up Jaime- I love him so!
I'm loving all your projects and your funny posts!