Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knitting Socks

I will admit to being too ignorant to not know better when it came to my specific knitting abilities. I would see a pattern I liked, and always giving myself the benefit of the doubt, thought, "I can knit that." Now, nine times out of ten, I was able to accomplish the task. However, I always kept the rules - meaning I used the yarn that was suggested and I NEVER changed the pattern in any way to "suit me." However, I have been fairly successful.

But socks were an altogether different matter. I am afraid of knitting socks. They truly intimidate me. The whole short row and heel turn thing, is relatively frightening. But I realize that if I ever want to open my own yarn store (which would be the ultimate ecstasy for a yarn-a-holic like me), I need to learn to knit socks. So I have broken down. I am starting my first pair. I will update you and let you see photos. Pray for me!!!!

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Laurie said...

I agree on the "scared" of socks thing. Trying to make 2 identical knitted pieces...yep, that's a frightening thought for me!