Friday, May 1, 2009

Experiences From A Sock

Hello there! I am a basic sock. At least that's what I hope to become someday when I grow a little more. My knitter, who has promised to learn how to knit me, found my yarn under her bed (you know, that treasure trove known as her yarn stash). I am currently on a size 2 circular needle. It is a 6" bamboo circular. Who knew they made such things!?!?!?!?

Anyway, my relationship with my knitter is going quite swimmingly at the moment. She is happily knitting away, although I did hear her murmur the word "toothpicks" at one time, but I believe she has quickly gotten used to knitting with these needles and has settled down quite comfortably. Did you know she even watched how to "turn the heel" from a video on line? Boy, I hope she finished me and doesn't have to frog me too often. Do you know what the term "frog" or "frogging" means? I didn't. So, I went on line. I used each end of my circular needle to type (clever, aren't I). Each language has a word for the sound frogs make, but in English is "ribbit, ribbit", or in knitting is "rip it, rip it". So when you tear (or rip) your knitting back in frustration, it's called "frogging." I laughed so hard when I read that, I actually got a stitch in my side (pun completely intended).

Okay. Back to the matter at hand. I only have one concern with regard to my knitter. I truly hope that our relationship ends well. I am like the lone man Adam in the Garden of Eden. If this doesn't go well, I may never get my Eve.....

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