Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cupcakes and Knitting

I recently spent a week in Scottsdale, Arizona, over Spring Break. It was so lovely to get away from the cold here, and the warm sunshine was exactly what I needed. There is a shop there called Sprinkles, Beverly Hills. If you read any of the tabloids, apparently that's where all of the celebrities love to buy cupcakes from. I am an ardent fan of the cupcake. The only problem, is that the ratio of cupcake to frosting must be correct. It is hard to get this right. Plus, even though I love my sugar, the frosting can't be too sweet. The ones from Sprinkles were certainly delicious, very creative, and moist and not too fluffy (I hate fluffy - I want some density to my cupcake, you know, something to sink my teeth into), but the frosting was too sweet and they did put a bit much on the cupcake itself.

So this got me to remembering about a knitted cupcake I saw in a magazine. See the photo above. Darling, no? Better yet, no calories. But, alas, you can't eat it, and that is the most enjoyable part of all. So, really, which is better? I'll leave that for you to contemplate throughout the day. As for me, I'm off to sock class. I am learning to knit a sock with two circular needles, instead of the DPKs. I bought this lovely, deep read Heritage Sock Yarn from Cascade Yarns (75% merino wool and 25% nylon). This means my mom (who they are being knit for) can wash them, and they won't be too scratchy on her skin. The feel of the yarn, is quite soft, which, as you know, if of utmost importance to me. So, I will post a picture of my progress and let you know how it is going along.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should make a knitted cupcake...I love it!